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Mission Log 003

Did we really kill a gargoyle?

Mission Log 003

We picked up the very colorful Bard Birdie at The Tavern, since we were starting to run low on new recruits and really needed some more magical expertise. Wat was back for more of course, but I was still surprised that Julius decided to tag along. Then again, a little danger for a lifetime of riches is wholly worth it.

Once prepared for the journey, we headed back to the old well at the edge of town. Getting down into the depths was a fairly practiced skill at this point, but navigating the twisting paths in search of the necromancer’s library again proved far more difficult. The first day we did okay, but we got a little lost the second day. Wat managed to find an abandoned campsite, but there wasn’t anything of value to procure. With Cealothan’s help, we wandered in a more directed manner on the third day, and unexpectedly ran into some Dwarves.

They told us that they were running recon for Fortress Dunbar, a very old fortress that Birdie had some knowledge about. Apparently, it’s either abandoned, or occupied by hobgoblins. According to the Dwarves, they were able to take the fort back from the hobgoblins. They seemed friendly enough, but wouldn’t give us maps of the caverns as we requested – they didn’t seem to like Cealothan or other Elves of his clan. Persuasion don’t go so well, so we continued on our way without maps.

Eventually, we made it to the entrance guarded by our good statue friend, however this time he was far less friendly and easy to trick. Despite our discussion of a scheduled shipment last time, he had come to realize we lied to him about our delivery to the Master. We did our best to rationalize that we needed to deliver critical supplies to the master, and Julius even tried to forge some shipping orders, but the statue was not at all convinced and attacked us.

Julius and I ran to the Library entrance and took up arms in the entrance, even managing to do some substantial damage with sling bullets. In the main room, despite the help of Wat and Cealothan, Birdie took a pretty hard hit from the creature. Starting to get worried, we decided to use Birdie’s Thunderwave spell to push the creature away, and use our procured sleep scroll to make it fall asleep. The Light-Bringer smiled upon us that day – we managed to do enough damage to the creature that it quickly fell asleep under the scroll’s spell. Once incapacitated, it was a simple matter of dealing the killing blow to the statue.

Once inside the Library, we quickly discovered that the bodies of the strange cultists we fought last time had disappeared from the dining hall. Thinking nothing of it, we decided to explore the rest of the area, finding a kitchen and library. Julius stole some salt from the kitchen – can never be too careful with demons and devils about – and we explored the library more thoroughly.

On one end, there was a relief of a sword and a book with a matching crevice below them. Putting a hand in the book hole, Birdie pulled out a scroll that we suspected could be magical. Intrigued by the discovery, I put my hand in the sword hole, hoping for a blessed weapon – but only got a rather nasty cut for my trouble. Oddly, it seemed satisfied by my unwilling offering of blood, and I had the strangest sensation that I could cast spells – if I knew any. Clearly, this device will come in handy in the future for casting spells.

Continuing on, we discovered an old sauna, I was heartbroken to find that none of my companions wanted to take a break and see if we could get the steam to work. I may be a devoted guardsperson, but I wasn’t going to turn down a spa day in a creepy necromancer’s library! Despite my insistence, we journeyed on to explore more of the area.

Further back, we discovered a larger room with a beautiful sphinx mosaic. As we crossed the room to reach the doors on the other side, a green dragon suddenly materialized to warn us against going inside. After a brief conversation, it became obvious he was not really a dragon, and he revealed himself to be a djinn bound to the door’s entrance. After inquiring about how he came to be so bound, we concluded that what was needed was a dispel magic spell. I found him quite interesting, and since no one deserves to be bound against their will, I pledged to free him as soon as we found a method to do so. If Wat could find a lover in the dank wanderings of adventuring, by the Light-Bringer I could too!

For the moment leaving the room with the djinn, we explored what we could of the rest of the area. We found a laundry room (I suppose even evil necromancers need clean socks) and multiple bedrooms, one of which was crammed full of skeletons. Having anticipated such an event, we were quick to close the door on them and fall back to keep it secure. Birdie managed to viciously mock them for a few seconds through the door before they managed to hack through it. Having been weakened by Birdie’s spell and our adamant efforts to keep the door shut, disposing of the skeletons did not take long.

Armed with a bit of loot, we decided we had pushed our luck enough for the day and headed back to town to do some research on the scroll and anything else we might find. As usual, I paid a tithe to the church in town to help it grow. My efforts over the last few weeks made me a more capable adventurer, and I devoted my week off to improving my skills as a paladin. I picked up a few handy spells, and even learned one for a marriage ceremony! I’m sure Wat and Cealothan will be pleased.

End log.


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