Monthly Wessex

Sure! Let the grumpy elf lead!

Why Wat is always grumpy

Wat scowled as he sulked in The Tavern. What a rotten place. What a rotten life. It was almost enough to make him start drinking again. Almost. No, Wat couldn’t start drinking again. Reyna had always complained about his drinking. Then again, his estranged wife always had something to complain about. She hated him. She hated their life. So much so that she took their boy and left him. 

Wat missed them both dearly. Their absence had nearly destroyed him. At first, he tried to drink to numb the pain. To forget. Then he got robbed while he was drunk. He was left with nothing. That’s how he ended up on the edge of the empire in a little shit hole called Wessex. 

It’d been several years since Wat had last seen his family. After several months in Wessex with everyone else who had no where to go and nothing to live for, Wat was tired. He was tired of living like this. He wanted to see his boy. He wanted to see his wife. 

Wat wanted to change.

Reluctantly, Wat had traded in drinking for looting. If he was going to make it out of Wessex and back to his family, he’d need gold and supplies. 

Somehow, he’d ended up with a group that regularly went out looting shit. They met regularly in The Tavern and picked up whatever sorry broke bastards were willing to risk their lives for gold and glory. 

On the day they were to meet, Wat waited impatiently in The Tavern. 

‘Where the blazes are Sgt Lieutenant and the annoying bard?’ Wat wondered to himself as he waited with Thorngage and Greycastle. The halfling and the human looked to him for guidance. Why? Wat could only wonder. The two were fairly new in Wessex, but had gone down to The Well with Wat, Sgt Lieutenant, and the annoying bard. 

Wat couldn’t lead the two down to The Well by himself. That place was too unpredictable. Too dangerous. Honestly, he didn’t want to go down there without Sgt Lieutenant. Wat’s life might be sad and pathetic, but he didn’t feel like dying just yet. He had to get back to his wife and his boy. 

Wat, Greycastle, and Thorngage were joined by three others. A halfling named Milly who had a bad limp. A human called Tulrath. And an elf called Audris. They turned to Wat for guidance, since he’d been in Wessex the longest. 

“Oh how the gods must laugh at my existence!” Wat thought bitterly. “These morons want a quest and that damn paladin isn’t anywhere to be found! Sure! Let the grumpy elf lead!”

Wat swore to take the paladin’s head for leaving him with these morons. And the bard’s too. 


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