Monthly Wessex

The Necromancer's Library

Wat gets a new roomie

After searching for Udo and the encounter with Elbrith, Wat and his companions did some digging into the underwilds beneath the Well. It seemed to be the same underwilds where they were told a Necromancer's library was. So when Wat met at the tavern with his fellow adventurers, they unanimously agreed to return to the underwilds. 

Not long into their journey, they came across a pilgrimage of dark elves. They seemed to be Elbrith's people—though he was not among them. They too were interested in the Necromancer's library and sent one of their own with Wat and his companions. 

Together, they made their way to the Necromancer's library. But rations ran out before they could uncover all its treasures. Their new elvin companion was not to return to his people until he had his share of the treasure. So Wat, being the only other elf present, offered him a place to stay. He'd come to <s>enjoy </s>tolerate his presence and <s>looked forward to</s> wouldn't completely hate getting to know him more.


DeadGod ashricker

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