Spell Library

Spell Services in Wessex

Spell Services provide a library of (randomly stocked) spells.  In your down time, you may hire wizards to cast these spells, or spend the time and money to add these spells to your spellbook.  You may donate your own spells to expand the library (making those spells available to all future characters.)

Starting spell casters may pick from any cantrips in their class spell list.  Spells of 1st level and beyond must be selected from the spell library.  If your character gains the ability to cast higher level spells than those found in the library, you may elect to have the DM generated random spells for you.

The Library

Spell Name Level Bard Sorcerer Wizard
Charm Person 1 y y y
Color Spray 1 n y y
Comprehend Languages 1 y y y
Cure Wounds 1 y n n
Detect Magic 1 y y y
Disguise Self 1 y y y
False Life 1 n n y
Feather Fall 1 y y y
Identify 1 y n y
Longstrider 1 y n y
Mage Armor 1 n y y
Magic Missile 1 n y y
Shield 1 n y y
Tenser's Floating Disc 1 n n y
Thunderwave 1 y y y
Unseen Servant 1 y n y

Spell Library

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