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Mission Log 002

Just Housekeeping

Mission Log of Sgt. Lieutenant

This mission started off the same as all the others: meeting the new blood at the Tavern, telling them about the fate of many fishermen, and inviting them to join the adventure. The newest soldier of fortune was Julius, who seemed as intrigued as we were to learn more about the necromancer’s library.

My companions, Wat and Julius, and I spent a week researching the fabled library. We learned the general location as well as some tales of undead and a caravan of Orcs and skeletons that headed to the area 70 or so years ago, which didn’t exactly make me more eager to find it. Sure, striking down undead is good and just, but where there’s dungeon monsters I always seem to end up with a dead fisherman.

Armed with new information, we headed down the well at the edge of a local’s property, a place we had explored a few times before. We made our way to some stone stairs and a chiseled chamber with winding paths in all directions, and allowed Wat to lead us where we needed to be. Wat got us lost of course, but we managed to wander into an open cave area. Luckily, Julius spotted some reflective twinkling in the distance, and after bolstering ourselves and slowly advancing, blue lights sparked to life and revealed some dark-skinned Elves.

Wat spoke to them and they ended up being very interested in our information about the necromancer’s library, and offered to buy it from us. Sadly, they laughed at my completely reasonable offer of 10,000 gold pieces, but seemed amenable to the offer of traveling with us to the library. They decided to send one of their guards, Cealothan, and he would take his share of arcane knowledge in exchange for protecting us on our way to the library. The rest of their group could not come with us, since they were on a pilgrimage to some totally metal shrine to a dead warrior that needed appeasement lest their children are eaten. Sounded pretty awesome. Might have to do some religious research when I get back.

Even with Cealothan’s help, we wandered in the tunnels for two more days until Wat finally directed us to a more unique room carved from the stone. In the center was a creepy statue of some creature with wings and teeth, and beyond it some double doors. The statue told us we were trespassing, but Julius managed to convince it that we were a delayed caravan (just 70 years late!) that was a snap decision from the Big Boss to get materials, so of course we were not scheduled. The statue seemed annoyed by this, but let us through.

The doors depicted a creepy relief, but merely opened up to a coat rack room with a single cloak. Julius put it on, and we hoped it was a maid outfit so we could try to convince the Big Boss we were merely a cleaning business, but it was just a necromancer’s cloak. We debated starting a housekeeping business for ruins and fortresses to help them do dishes and whatnot anyway, but eventually headed further in.

We opened some doors to a dining room, and found three figures ransacking the place. They didn’t notice us, so Julius pretended to be “the dread necromancer Xanathar” in hopes of surprising them, but threw a rock in a rather ineffectual way… alerting them to our presence.

Cealothan did his very best to climb up on the table and engage our foes, while I ran down between the tables like a normal person. He and I were eventually able to put down the attackers with Julius’ rock-throwing help, and as usual Wat… did nothing. I really should put some time into training my companion better.

During the fight, the cloaked figures hissed like snakes and threatened to feed my soul to some dark, fake, unholy creature. In turn, I of course promised to feed their souls to the Light-Bringer – and they did not seem to like the prospect of that. When we defeated them, I spitefully commended their souls to the Light-Bringer anyway, like any paladin would.

We gathered what loot we could from the room and the cloaked figures, and decided it was probably best to head home with the spoils. After some persuasion, we were able to convince Cealothan to hang out with us until we could return to the cave system. He seemed a bit leery of spending time up with us, but we are very persuasive.

On the way out, we also managed to convince the door gargoyle that the Big Boss needed more supplies and had sent us out for them – therefore, when we returned, we would be a scheduled shipment. As we departed we asked his name – unfortunately, I am not fluent enough in the international phonetic alphabet to properly transcribe the noises that make up his name.

On the journey back to the surface, Wat’s spear was gooped away by a gelatinous cube, but nothing else too exciting happened besides that. Note to self: Spend an afternoon teaching Wat how to properly keep hold of a weapon.

End log.

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