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Mission Log 005

Making friends with a genie


Mission Log of Sgt. Lieutenant

After licking our wounds from the previous week’s adventure and learning all we could about the Light-Bringer, Tarragon and I headed back to The Tavern to pick up some new recruits. Birdie, our bard, was there this time, and the familiar face of Julian showed up eventually as well. A new companion sought us out and decided to join our adventure – Crayola, a former wax pigment salesperson who wanted to chase their fortune. I made a quick note about their preferred type of funeral (burned with their art supplies) before we headed back to the well to find the Library.

We traveled three days in the Underwylds without incident, until one day we started to hear barking and screeching a bit away from us. We couldn't discern what it was, and not even Cealothan seemed to know, so elected to go around instead of trying to deal with whatever that was. 

The next day we made it to the Necromancer’s Library entrance and immediately headed to the genie we knew was in the back. The genie seemed pretty cagey about what he was going to do once we released him, so we tried to learn a bit more about his contract with the necromancer. Unfortunately, he was very reluctant to talk about it, and we learned very little no matter how much we tried to clarify things. We decided to take a loop around the area again to think about our options.

In the parlor room, Julius stuck his hand in the sword hole to see if we could figure out exactly what it did, but it seemed to just want to take his blood. Stumped, we headed back to the genie room.

When we asked the genie about what the sword hole’s purpose is, he was just as useless as ever and wouldn’t aid us in any way (even giving information) for free. I mean, he wouldn’t even give us a waterskin of blood for free, despite the fact he supposedly has some impressive magics. What a jerk.

After a lot of discussion and plenty of griping about how unhelpful the genie is, we decided to use our scroll of dispel magic to free him. He may not be overtly good, but keeping something non-evil bound to an evil being is objectively cruel. 

Once he was freed, he answered a few of our previous questions: we learned that the Necromancer is still “alive” but is some kind of undead abomination. There’s some minor undead down there with him, but supposedly no more traps. I find it hard to believe that there won’t be any more traps, so I’ll certainly be keeping my guard up when we decide to go down. 

Of course I wanted to head out now that our duty to the genie was finished, but the young and foolish Crayola and Julius got to chatting with the genie about potential contracts. They were eager to give up their souls to some being they just met (what harlots), not even knowing what service the genie might demand in exchange for their abilities. Finally Julius decided to “think about it”, and the genie assured him he could call upon him anytime to give up his soul. As far as I’m concerned all souls belong to the Light-Bringer, and I’ll do everything I can to keep one from falling into the wrong hands. 

After the conversation the genie opened the great door, and immediately we were set upon by skeletons. They were pretty easy to take care of, and we even managed to find some loot on them. Once we gathered anything of value, we headed back to town for a well-deserved rest. Lots of planning to do before taking on a necromancer!

End log.


DeadGod plusle_n_minun

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