Monthly Wessex

Adventurers Most Generous

(As penned by player Noah Young.)

Reverend Thomias,
Shepard of Hillcrest Commons
The 850th year of Our Holy Luminous Matriarch’s First Grace

Bishop of Umbridge, counted most gracious among all Our Holy Luminous Matriarch's servants to all who hear of your works, it is my pleasure to send you this letter of good news.

I hope the Matriarch's light shines upon you even greater than it has our humble province, for we all hear tales of your saintly works and miracles. Surely you will someday be anointed High Priest of the Land, Our lady willing. 

I write to you to dutifully report on our diocese's finances, which you will find enclosed. Please note ever so briefly that donations have increased markedly from my last letter, it is my pleasure to include the heralding tale behind this outpouring of faith.

It was writ to my our Father Saban, priest of our Wessex parish, an uncouth town in the furthest, most impoverished corner of the diocese, that his flock had unexpectedly produced a very small but no less generous donation of 25 gold pieces by a small group of believers.

He recounts that ragtag a band of citizens took it upon themselves to cleanse a local farmers well of unmentionable magic and unbelievers. As he tells the tale, the farmer saw tainted light erupt from his dry well during the night. A captain, doctor, alchemist, and a fisherman ventured below, finding evidence of a vacated hobgoblin dwelling they came across an unholy band of miscreants,  whom they dispatched. After their confrontation they encountered an ancient chest, and within it, a hoard of gold. Sadly, the fisherman died to a trap in the cavern. His fellows, instead of wasting their newfound coin on drink as is common here, gave nigh all of their earnings to the church and town in act of grace in accordance with Brightest Blossom's teachings. 

I took Father Saban's tale, and after much prayer to She Who Shines Eternal, blessed be her light, decided to tell it to my flock, save some alterations. I of course spared mention of such unholy creatures. Instead I praised the charity and righteous motivation of these citizens who venture into the well and unselfishly gave. As you can see, after my sermon was disseminated to the other parish priests we saw offerings increase in a proportion of two and a half hundredths of the whole across the diocese.

I hope this news finds you well and mayhap you can even use this tale from the farthest town in the empire to show the uncoverable power and grace of Our Holy Luminous Matriarch’s ever shining light.

Your brother in her grace,
Reverend Thomias


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