Monthly Wessex

the damn library

Wat was sleeping peacefully in his husband’s arms. They had returned safely from the Underwilds yet again. Though Wat has scarcely escaped with his life. He’d been knocked unconscious when they encountered some loathsome beast. He’d been reckless. He’d been so caught up by the pure exhilaration of fighting side by side with Cealothan than he hadn’t guarded his side well enough. He’d been thrown back and hit his head. It wasn’t the first time Cealothan had saved his life. In all honesty, it wouldn’t be the last either. Wat had only seen part of his beloved’s true strength, and even that was mightier than any of their little rag-tag team could manage. The elf was very grateful that their very first encounter had ended in Cealothan joining their raiding party. Otherwise, it surely would have ended in their demise. But Cealothan had come with them. And now they were married and living a reckless, adventurous life in the shithole they called Wessex. Their love had begun with the quest to find a necromancer’s library. Wat briefly wondered what would happen when they had finished lotting the place? They’d gone several times and it seems they’ve hardly scratched the surface of the hidden treasures. What happens to him and Cealothan when this is all over?


Wat sat up in bed at a sudden, horrific realization.

“We never made it to the damn library!”


DeadGod ashricker

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